Retro Simplicity
Candylab Wooden Toys

Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Candylab creates vintage wooden toys, especially wooden toy cars, providing a choice for families that love simplicity, minimalism and vintage items.

The Candylab team is crazy about the classic cars and craftsmanship of retro Americana and have committed to bringing back the simple, durable and elegant traditional wooden toy cars to children. They believe that children can play and have fun in a creative way with the company’s comparatively traditional toys. Candylab has a broad variety of toy cars, including a police car, camper and taxi, and it has also been busy creating racers in various colours and designs, all of them simple yet extraordinarily attractive. Whether you are trying to drag your kids away from electronic games or you just want to add a new piece of decoration with the sense of playfulness and nostalgia to your home, Candylab is worth a look. You might also consider bringing home the Lone Cactus Motel or drive in diner in order to create different settings for playtime. Expect to see Candylab’s traditional wooden toys spread around the globe very soon!

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