Reflection of Dreams
Mirage Gstaad by Doug Aitken

In the snowy, mountainous landscape in Gstaad, you can find a house with extraordinary interior.  It is cladded with mirrors on all surfaces except for the floor that sits quietly, reflecting the changing environment and surroundings. At a glance, you might not notice it at all as it hides and disappear with the background in the landscape. This installation found in Gstaad is created by Los Angeles-based artist Doug Aitken for the Elevation 1049: Frequencies programme.

Dubbed ‘Mirage Gstaad’, the installation absorbs and reflects the landscape surrounding the built. Touring the inside of the house, viewers will be immersed into a kaleidoscope of light and reflection. The classic one-storey suburban house serves as a framing device, bouncing between the dream of nature as pure uninhabited state and the mankind’s conquest of it. Aitken previously put mirror clad houses in Detroit and Palm Springs, but the sublime nature of the Swiss Alps seems to be the most breathtaking background for this appealing concept. Mirage Gstaad will remain on view until 2021.