Recycled Fishing Nets
Patagonia Nets to Hats Collection

Plastic waste is sadly an all-too-common sight along our beaches and coastlines nowadays. This global crisis is inspiring organisations around the world to come up with creative solutions to help clean up our oceans, and American outdoor brand Patagonia has been one of these eco advocates from the beginning. Its latest initiative involves partnering with Chilean company Bureo to turn discarded fishing nets into a collection of hats.

Discarded fishing nets make up around 10% of plastic waste in the ocean and are one of the most harmful forms of plastic pollution to ocean wildlife. Bureo purchases unusable fishing nets from Chilean and Argentinian fishermen — the nets are then sorted, cleaned, and turned into 100% traceable recycled polyester and nylon pellets. Patagonia then uses this material to create hat brims. Thanks to this clever scheme, over 35 tons of fishing nets were prevented from entering the ocean in the past year alone.

The Nets to Hats collection features a variety of different styles, including funfarer caps, trucker hats, and trad caps. The floral and Hawaiian patterns on the funfarer caps give them a summery vibe, while the trucker hats feature a recycled polyester mesh back and adjustable snap closure. The trad caps are made using organic cotton.

Patagonia has also launched its new Responsibili-Tee series, featuring t-shirts made using 100% recycled materials. Each tee is made from 4.8 plastic bottles and 0.26 pounds of recycled fabrics, drastically reducing carbon emissions and water consumption during the manufacturing process.