Rebirth Of A Classic Name
Hispano Suiza’s new electric hypercar

In the upcoming Geneva motor show in March, Spanish automaker Hispano Suiza will debut their electric hypercar.

Hispano Suiza is a rather an infamous brand founded in Barcelona by Damián Mateu in 1904. The company was later sold to Spanish automotive assets in 1946. The new company that owns Hispano Suiza was founded by Miguel Suqué Mateu, great grand son of the founder, who is the current president of the company.

There are limited information about the launch of the hypercar. The automaker defined it as a ‘fully-electric hyperlux grand tourer’ and it’s limited to 19 examples. It is named ‘Carmen’ after granddaughter of founder Damián Mateu and Miguel Suqué Mateu’s mother. The silhouette takes inspiration from the pictured 1938 Dubonnet Xenia, which was commissioned by French pilot André Dubonnet and built by Hispano Suiza. Underneath the retro futuristic design will be a  carbon fibre monocoque chassis and powertrain comes from QEV Technologies, a Spanish company responsible for technology area of Mahindra Formula-E Racing. If you are sold just with these information, Hispano Suiza is taking pre-order on its website.