Ready To Live
Nestron Cube Two X

Building or renovating your home can be a potential nightmare if it’s not well thought out or executed, and this is why companies like Nestron are getting more and more popular. Branding itself as an advocate for “tiny living”, the Singapore-based company builds fully-prefabricated houses that come with built-in furniture and a smart home system, and are delivered in a “ready to live” status.

Although Nestron stresses the term “tiny living”, the sizes of its houses are bigger than expected. Take the latest model, the Cube Two X as an example. It offers either one, or two-bedroom configurations in the same 377 square feet, making it quite a bit bigger than plenty of apartments in Hong Kong,

Built using one-piece steel construction, the Cube Two X has a futuristic exterior and is more spacious than previous models. As it’s not designed as a temporary or holiday home, the overall layout is practical and works well for long-term living. There are ample storage spaces including built-in cabinets and under-bed storage, and the tinted glass door and windows allow more natural lighting without forsaking privacy. The kitchen is capable of accommodating a double door refrigerator and a standard-size washing machine, while the bathroom is separated into wet and dry zones for better hygiene and convenience.

Pricing starts from US$ 98,000 — the only issue is perhaps finding a piece of land to host it.