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Bugatti EB110 GT BBS Wheels

Don’t mind what your partner says, browsing auction sites is absolutely a legitimate pastime. All that trawling can be worth it when you stumble upon the odd unexpected gem like this set of original Bugatti EB110 wheels currently listed on RM Sotheby’s website. Like most of us, you may not have an EB110 waiting for a set of spare rims, but these centrelock wheels could be the perfect unique addition to your weekend track car.

The multi-spoke, forged alloy wheels in 18-inch diameter are a two-piece design, and run 9-inch wide up the front and 12-inch wide in the rear. It looks as though there’s some wear on the wheels as seen in the photos but in general, they’re still in pretty good shape.

The wheels are currently located in Copenhagen, and are offered without a reserve in the online-only ‘Open Roads’ auction happening from 21 April to 29 April/ RM Sotheby’s estimates the lot will be sold for 8,000 — 12,000 euros. It’s true that that kind of money will get you a decent secondhand car, but this is one auction item that probably won’t ever appear again.