Rally Exotic
1975 Ferrari 308 GT4

The Ferrari 308 GT4 was a crucial model in the marque’s history, being the very first production model to be powered by mid-engined V8 layout that would become a signature feature for the Italian automaker. This particular 1975 example was modified to celebrate the rally style of the 1970s, and was recently sold for US$ 62,000 on auction site Bring a Trailer.

This 308 GT4 left the factory in 1975 in US specification but was imported to Europe in 2017. After going under conversion to EU specs and a thorough body restoration, it was built as a safari rally car. The stunning green and white Alitalia-style livery was borrowed straight from Lancia Stratos rally cars. Other modifications include four bonnet-mounted driving lights, fibreglass bumpers, plexiglass side and rear windows, and mud flaps with rear chain hangers. The alloy wheels wear Fedima Club Sport F5 Rally tyres, and a matching spare is mounted to the roof.

The mid-mounted 3.0-litre V8 was serviced with replacement piston rings, seals, and exhaust valves, and is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. The interior was also stripped of unnecessary weight such as air conditioning, and now features OMP racing seats, a stripped-back dashboard with OMP steering wheel, lightweight replacement door panels, Sparco fire extinguisher, Brantz rally timer, extended shift lever, and more.