Racing In Mixed Reality
Hot Wheels Rift Rally

A few years ago, Nintendo brought Mario Kart into the real world by combining a physical toy car and camera system with dedicated Switch software to create impressive mixed-reality gameplay. The developer behind that game, Velan Studios, is now partnering with Hot Wheels to launch a new title using the same technology.

The key to Hot Wheels Rift Rally is the Hot Wheels Chameleon RC car, which is fitted with a 1080p camera. While the physical car only comes in white, gamers can select over 140 legendary Hot Wheels vehicles in the game to be overlayed on the blank rolling canvas. With four mixed reality gates included in the box, gamers are able to set up their own unique tracks simply by placing the gates in their living space.

There are a few game modes available in Hot Wheels Rift Rally, and up to four physical cars can be connected and compete with each other in Competition mode, while gamers can also take turns in the driver’s seat in Co-op mode. An interesting Stunt mode allows users to perform tricks such as flipping and spinning to unlock new in-game vehicle exteriors.

In addition to the standard edition, the Collectors’ edition features a special Chameleon RC car in black, as well as a limited edition die-cast McLaren Hot Wheels® car, plus the opportunity to unlock the McLaren Senna in the game. Hot Wheels Rift Rally will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iPhone, and iPad.