Race With Bricks
Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR

McLaren fans might remember the life-sized LEGO car released alongside the McLaren Senna when it first launched last year. Created by master builders, the impressive model was made using more than 460,000 pieces of brick. Now it’s time for the Senna’s track-only sibling – the stealthy McLaren Senna GTR – to get the full LEGO treatment too.

The brick version of the Senna GTR is set to be released under the LEGO Technic series, which always guarantees incredible transformations in terms of engineering and style. Comprising 830 pieces and measuring 12-inches long, the GTR’s beautiful aerodynamic curves and details such as the rear spoiler can all be found on the LEGO model, which sports a one-of-a-kind blue livery just like the real thing. 

Thanks to the sophistication of the LEGO Technic bricks, some of the supercar’s features are quite authentic, including the signature McLaren butterfly doors that open ‘up and out’. The model’s detailed V8 engine even has moving pistons, while the steering is functional with a small steering wheel at the top of the toy car.

The LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR will be available from 1 January with a pricetag of US$49,99.