Pure evidence of the ever-changing nature
Natural Dyed Scarf from Cambodia.

A spotlight needs to be strong in order for it to shine, and this particularly reminds me of the handicrafts made in Southeast Asia, such as the wooden furnitures from Chiang Mai, lacquerwares from Myanmar and Ikat fabrics from Cambodia, as these cheap but high quality goods all have a strong tradition behind. Each remote area gives birth to unique and valuable crafts, and these quality products are created by unknown artisans, a logic very different from the city.

The booming export sector have not only enhanced competition but also improved the nation’s quality of life, where the usage of local materials have fully highlighted the characteristics of the area. In Cambodia, women use organic sources such as plant roots, berries, barks, leaves and wood to produce natural dyes for handmade silk and yarn. No chemicals are used during its production process.

A label hangs on this blonde handwoven scarf, with only a few simple sentences and the word “ledogogo” in red printed on top. If one was to search for the term online one would find nothing at all. Coarse and thin yarns are intertwined together, offering a unique texture that is hard to find. Since it uses natural dye, subtle color variations will occur under the exposure of sunlight, making it a pure and truthful evidence of the ever-changing nature.


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