Production Milestone Reached
First Bentley Mulliner Bacalar W12 engine completed

The exclusive Bentley Bacalar was first announced in early 2020. Limited to just 12 examples, the striking open-top two-seater sees the return of classic coachbuilding as it is developed by Bentley’s Mulliner division. Construction of the stunning grand tourer has already begun, and the automaker recently announced the completion of assembly and production testing of the very first Bentley Bacalar W12 engine.

Bentley states that the Bacalar’s 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine, which is capable of generating 650 hp and 900 Nm, is the most advanced 12-cylinder engine in the world to date. The first unit of the Bacalar W12 engine was handcrafted at the automaker’s headquarters in Crewe. It took a team of 45 craftspeople over 6.5 hours to hand-assemble the complete W12 engine. Each motor is put through an intensive test regime to make it’s up to the marque’s exceptional quality expectations.
Three tests are conducted during different stages of the manufacturing process. The first one is for leakage that ensuring the closed fuel, water, and oil systems work fine. The second is a ‘cold test’ — the engine is loaded onto a testbed and coupled with a large electric motor. During the 15-minute cycle, 600 individual properties and characteristics of the engine are monitored via data collected from various sensors. The final hot test checks the complete engine assembly with all parts installed, under simulation of actual engine usage in the vehicle.