Practical Luxury
BMW X7 Pickup concept

BMW has created a pickup truck version of X7 – its luxurious crossover. It’s not an April Fools joke like the M3 pickup a few years ago, but specially conceived as a show car for the company’s Motorrad Days.

BMW’s vocational trainees took the lead on the ten-month project, working in collaboration with the Munich plant’s Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology divisions. Now at 5.15 metres long, the X7 pick-up truck has a spacious loading bed behind the five-seat passenger cabin, varies from 1.4 metres to 2.0 metres with the rear lid open. The pickup version is 200 kg lighter than the original X7 even though it is 10 cm longer thanks to the usage of CFRP on roof components, rear doors and the rear lid. The loading area is cladded with handcrafted teakwood in honey colour, while the body is painted with the exclusive Tanzanite Blue metallic finish.

The twelve trainees turned a concept into this fully functional, road-legal one-off in show car quality in just ten months. Those who are interested in the X7 pickup have to be disappointed though, as BMW has no intention to develop it further for production.