Powerful In The Digital Realm
Holden Time Attack Concept

Australian marque Holden took its first win at Bathurst in 1968. 50 years later, the GM Holden in-house team has conceived and developed a concept to showcase the technological potential of the future, yet the futuristic Time Attack Concept racer only exists in the digital realm.

The Time Attack Concept is an electric race car with 1,340 hp at 3,240 Nm of torque. It has four electric motors, one on each wheel, and each motor is paired with an individual three-speed planetary automatic shift gearbox. 0-100 km/h is estimated at 1.25 seconds and top speed could go for 480 km/h. Unlike the existing endurance race cars, the concept is envisioned as a single-lap tearaway and has a simulated Mount Panorama lap time of just 1:29.30 (the current record is 2:01.567).

The chassis is made of carbon fibre, and the body is made of carbon fibre / Kevlar composite panels coated with Graphene. It features double-wishbone suspension made of carbon, carbon-ceramic brakes, active aerodynamic aids and four fans to accelerate airflow through the four Venturi tunnels for enhancing downforce at lower speeds. As stunning as it looks, it will remain a virtual concept with only a digitally-printed scale model being made.