Powerful Home Theatre Experience
McIntosh XCS1.5K Centre Channel Loudspeaker

Creating an immersive cinematic experience at home relies heavily on utilising quality components to build an excellent home theatre system — because, for any true cinephile, audio fidelity is just as important as visual. American manufacturer McIntosh has just released a perfect option for this breed of enthusiast.

As the majority of dialogue in a TV show or movie comes from the centre speaker, the  XCS1.5K Centre Channel Loudspeaker from McIntosh is designed to make the most of this. Being able to handle 1,500 Watt power rating is pretty impressive on its own but the XCS1.5K also features the company’s signature line array design comprising of 43 individual drivers — fourteen 2.5-inch midranges, twenty-five 3/4-inch dome tweeters, and four eight-inch woofers. The line array design seen here is similar to the XRT2.1K and XRT1.1K floor-standing loudspeakers – both can be paired with the XCS1.5K.

The McIntosh XCS1.5K has five preset angle settings in its base, allowing the user to tilt the speaker directly towards the listening position for optimal results. As for its appearance, the loudspeaker has an impressive exterior with a high-gloss piano black base cabinet, making it a visually appealing piece to sit centre-stage in any home theatre room.