Power Bank For EVs
Volkswagen creates mobile quick charging station for EVs

Charging stations for electric vehicles are nothing new, but what Volkswagen recently revealed is something more flexible and accessible, ultimately making charging an EV car an effortless process.

Volkswagen’s mobile quick charging station is essentially a power bank for electric cars and e-bikes, and can be placed anywhere from parking lots to event venues without the need of a fixed power source. It has a capacity of up to 360 kWh, which is sufficient for charging up to 15 vehicles, with a maximum capacity of four vehicles charging simultaneously — two with DC and two with AC connections. The charging time is only a mere 17 minutes on average, thanks to the quick charging tech on the battery. If the battery inside the charging station falls lower than 20%, it is taken away and replaced with a new one. Of course, the charging station can also be connected with a power supply. If so, it can be charged with up to 30 kW via AC and used as a long-term charging station.

Volkswagen aims to set up the first mobile quick charging stations in Wolfsburg, Germany within the first half of this year, with an eye on expanding the project to other cities in 2020. Locations of the charging stations will be available online or via a special app.