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Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles for auction

Mad Max: Fury Road — the fourth instalment of the film series directed by George Miller — has attracted plenty of attention from both cinematic and automotive enthusiasts since its release back in 2015. Starring Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy, Nicolas Hoult, and more, the film is renowned for its incredible post-apocalyptic vehicles. Now, six years after the film’s release, 13 of these special vehicles are being auctioned by Lloyds Classic Car Auctions.

Australian production designer Colin Gibson is the genius behind the insane cars and trucks used in the film. These vehicles don’t just look the part, they’re fully functional, too, and are often a mashup between two or more iconic models. Take the most prominent vehicle, the War Rig, as an example. It’s a combination of Tatra 815, Chevrolet Fleetmaster, and Volkswagen Beetle plus additional modifications. Jag Flamer is the convoy car driven by Charlize Theron’s character Furiosa, while Nux’s super-turbocharged, nitrous-boosted 1932 three window Chevrolet coupe is also up for sale. The Gigahorse, which is made with not just one but two 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Villes and powered by twin V8s, is another example not to be missed. Other extraordinary vehicles available for the auction include the Doof Wagon, Convoy Car: Elvis, Razor Cola, Pole Car, Sabre Tooth, Fire Car, Caltrop: El Dorado, Buggy: Ratrod Chev, and Buick: Heavy Artillery with Hummer Weapon Mount.

The virtual auction will take place on 26 September in Australia. Details such as the vehicles’ current condition or reserve prices are limited on Lloyds’ website, but the auction house does mention payment can be accepted in any form including cryptocurrencies, plus shipping can be arranged for any part of the World.

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