Personalised Car Key
Formawerx Legends Heritage Defender Key

As an artisanal producer of luxury automotive key pieces, California-based Formawerx provides a unique opportunity for the automotive enthusiast. While it all started with a Porsche 911 key, the venerable Land Rover Defender has also played an important role in the company’s history. The latest, art piece-like key from the company is the Legends Heritage Defender variant, available as a limited edition only.

As always, the Legends Heritage Defender key is crafted with the sort of level of attention and standards that you’d find in a Swiss watch, and is machined using the trademarked Perpetua Stainless Steel, then finished in a black DLC coating. The shape of the Legends Heritage Defender key is the same as the standard version, inspired by the Defender’s aesthetics itself, but the limited edition also features additional brass plates set with Swiss screws and comes with complimentary personalised engravings of the car’s identifiers such as model, year, engine type, and so on.

The special key is presented with an authenticator placard, a key piece preservation capsule, and a polishing cloth. It will work with all Land Rover Defenders produced between 1983 to 2017, as well as 1984 to 1987 Land Rover Series III and certain vintage models from other automakers including the Austin Mini, Lotus Esprit, and various older Maseratis.