Personal Underwater Exploration
Triton Project Hercules Submarine

Personal submersible specialists Triton Submarines has collaborated with world-renowned yacht designer Espen Øino International and design partner Dark Ocean DeepSea to launch a luxury submersible called Project Hercules.

Unlike Triton’s other works, Project Hercules aims to offer a completely different user experience. The submarine measures 6,300 mm long and 2,755 mm wide when stowed, and was originally built to carry 9 persons. The Project Hercules example shown here, on the other hand, is designed just for two passengers, with two chaise lounges in the front bubble and a pilot seat hidden in the back. The owner can also select from a variety of layouts including an oversized daybed, a large floor space with soft furnishings, or a dining area with a minibar.

Project Hercules is capable of diving to 200m and travels at a maximum speed of around eight knots. The placement of the four large thrusters enables the submarine to glide and swim under the water, instead of diving and surfacing on a vertical plane as most submarines do. With 10 hours of endurance, luxury amenities, and an inward-facing camera for taking selfies, Project Hercules is going to be perfect for all those super yacht owners out there looking to drop some cash on something completely unique.