Performance Reinforced
2020 Toyota Supra TRD upgrades

The 2020 Toyota Supra was a model that we are excited about prior to its debut. As much as we have talked about it, so far it has only been delivered in Japan. It doesn’t stop the automaker’s TRD team to bring it to the next level with a brand new upgrade package.

The GR Supra body kit is made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic for keeping it lightweight. As much as it is performance upgrade, the parts certainly look smashing, pairing a glossy coating with the  weave pattern. It starts with a three-piece front splitter that increase downforce and lower the car by 14 mm. The side skirt lower the ride height by 4 mm, while the side door trim offers eye-catching curves. Then there are the rear side spoilers that improve the stability of the rear and reducing the ground clearance by 24 mm, as well as the extended trunk lip spoiler for more aero boost. The new look is wrapped off nicely by the 20-spoke, 19-inch forged aluminium wheels.

The complete package costs 2,040,000 yen before tax in Japan. The parts are also priced individually so owners should be able to get just what they desire. Unfortunately TRD hasn’t announced the availability of the body kit for overseas markets.