Packed With Technology
Ujet electric scooter

Plenty of electric scooters are launched at CES every year, but the latest from German-Luxembourg company Ujet stands out with its minimalist design and impressive technology. The scooter’s asymmetrical frame is paired with orbital wheels that will surely make it stand out from the crowd. The scooter is also foldable for easy storage and weighs only 43 kg. 

The scooter features a 5.4 hp motor and its range is either 70 km or 150 km depending on battery sizes. The battery is removable and can be fully charged from any socket in 2 hours. It can also be used as a powerbank for other devices and has built-in wireless speakers. Top speed for the scooter is around 48 km/h. Other than choosing the battery size, a new owner can also select between the Diamond or Curved body style, low or high seat and 5 colour options.

Unlocking the scooter is simple, as it is remotely controlled via a smartphone app. An on-board computer with integrated GPS, 3G, Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth connects Ujet with the phone and the cloud, featuring an interface to access the navigation, voice control, music playback and built-in HD dash cam. The owner will be alerted if the scooter moves without authorisation and then, if needed, it can be disabled remotely.