Over 900 Frames Per Second
Phantom S991 Machine Vision Camera

New Jersey’s Vision Research has been creating high-speed digital imaging systems that have wide-ranging applications in different industries ranging from medical research, automotive, science, and cinematography for a good few years now. The company has just introduced the latest Phantom S991 Machine Vision camera, which is able to deliver very high frame rates at high resolutions.

Thanks to the CoaXPress-over-Fibre technology, the Phantom S991 provides a maximum of 937 frames per second at 4K. At lower resolutions, 2304 x 1600 for example, the speed can even go up to a whopping 52,000 fps.

The 9 Mpx sensor used in the camera has a pixel size of 6.75 microns and 12-bit imaging that offers both rolling and global shutters to meet different application needs, while the light sensitivity rating is ISO 1,600 for monochrome and 400 for colour in global shutter.

Connectivity isn’t an issue either, as Phantom S991 requires just two optical fibre cables, instead of 16 copper cables as in its predecessor’s setup. While the camera doesn’t come with a lens, an EOS mount option is available, which allows for familiar lenses from the likes of Nikon and Canon to be fitted.

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