Out To Space
Lamborghini carbon fibre test at International Space Station

Lamborghini has collaborated with various institutions to further explore on design and technology. A couple of years ago the automaker worked with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and created the exceptional Terzo Millennio concept. The Houston Methodist Research Institute is another partner of Lamborghini, and this time around they will test a few carbon fibre composite materials in space.

The collaboration with the Houston Methodist Research Institute focuses on studying the biocompatibility of the composite materials in extreme conditions, in view of using them in automotive and medical fields in the future. Five different composite materials produced by Lamborghini will be carried by a Northrop Grumman Antares rocket to the International Space Station no earlier than 2 November. The samples include both newly developed 3D-printed continuous-fibre-composite and the discontinuous-fibre composites which Lamborghini has been using for years for comparison. The samples will stay at the International Space Station for six months and subjected to extreme temperature range of -40 to +200ºC, massive doses of ultraviolet radiation, gamma rays, and the flow of atomic oxygen caused by ionisation. After six months these samples will return to Earth and to be examined on their degradation.