Open Top Ferrari One-Off
Ferrari SP51

Ferrari’s Special Projects programme is responsible for creating one-off, bespoke works of automotive artistry, with each car designed and built based purely on the client’s specific requirements. The latest Ferrari One-Off, the SP51, is a thoroughbred roadster based on 812 GTS architecture.

Designed for a long-term customer and leading Ferrari collector from Taiwan, the SP51 is a front-engined V12 spider based on the 812 GTS platform, sharing its layout, chassis, and engine. Unlike the 812 GTS, the convertible SP51 features a retractable hardtop roof, which required the team at Ferrari Centro Stile needed to employ Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, wind tunnel, and dynamic testing to ensure no compromises in the vehicle’s handling or comfort were made. The front of this special machine has been updated with specially-designed headlights, while the rear features a pair of flying buttresses visually softened by two deep carbon-fibre scoops. The diamond-cut-finished wheels are also unique for this car, as is the three-layer paintwork in a brand new ‘Rosso Passionale’ colour with a white and blue livery inspired by the 1955 Ferrari 410 S.

The ‘Rosso Passionale’ hue extends into the cabin, used for the Alcantara panels and seats. The white and blue stripe also makes it inside and can be seen on the steering wheel stitching, the central tunnel, the fascia between the two seats, and the sides of the seats. Other notable unique interior elements include glossy carbon-fibre trim and the ‘Nero Momo Opaco’ components.