Only On Monza Circuit
777 Hypercar

A brand new hypercar created by a brand new automaker was just announced at Italy’s famous Monza Circuit this week. Founded by entrepreneur and collector Andrea Levy, 777 Motors has come out swinging with a unique take on track-only hypercar ownership.

Designed by Umberto Palermo and engineered by Dallara, the 777 is based around a carbon monocoque chassis and sophisticated aerodynamics that generate a downforce of 2,100 kg at the car’s top speed of 370 km/h. Powering the hypercar is a naturally-aspirated Gibson Technology 4.5-litre V8 that generates 730 hp at 9,000 rpm. The lightweight single-seater clocks in at only 900 kg, and 777 Motors estimates its lap time at Monza to be somewhere around the 1:33 mark. For reference, the outright lap record sits at 1:21, set by Ferrari’s Rubens Barrichello back in 2004.

Only seven examples will be produced and each will cost 7 million euros. Now comes the interesting part; every 777 hypercar will be kept by 777 Motors at Monza Circuit, where the automaker has set up its headquarters. Owners will then be offered a tailored circuit experience during dedicated and exclusive track days at t Monza, where their every need will be taken care of by the automaker’s engineering and support team.

To prepare the owners for all the physical requirements of such high-speed driving, including enduring lateral acceleration of 3.5 to 4 G, two pieces of training equipment will be sent to owners’ homes well before the 777 hypercar’s delivery in 2025. The first is a specially created machine that works to reinforce the neck area, while the second is the Tech & Sym professional GT motion simulator that matches 777 hypercar’s behaviour. Owners can also train like a pro at the Dallara Driving Simulator in Varano de’ Melegari or Indianapolis.