One Step Closer
Airbus unveils Vahana flying taxi cockpit

Airbus has been working on the Vahana autonomous flying taxi project for a few years, and earlier this year the company achieved 50 full-scale test flights with the first prototype Vahana Alpha One. Currently they built the second full-scale demonstrator for the self-piloted vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) passenger aircraft named Alpha Two. This time the prototype is built with a finished interior.

From the photos, stepping inside Alpha Two would make you feel like being a fighter pilot: The flying taxi only sits one, and the canopy is made of glass and showing unobstructed view, except there is no control wheel as Vahana is autonomous. Instead, passenger will be greeted by the screen, which displays the flight data throughout the journey. Getting inside the aircraft is slightly tricky because of its height, and Airbus envision a platform or steps will be available on vertiports. It’s unclear when exactly autonomous flying taxis will become part of our daily life, but it’s getting sooner.