One-Pound F1 Team
Brawn GP docuseries on Disney+

2009 Formula 1 champion Jenson Button recently announced a new documentary series focusing on his former team, Brawn GP. The exciting four-part series is currently using the working title Brawn: The One Pound Formula 1 Team, and will be aired soon on Disney+.

Button has not revealed many details as of yet, though judging by its name, we can assume it will cover the very short life span of the Brawn GP team, from how it was formed thanks to Honda’s disappearance from F1 after the 2008 season, to how CEO Ross Brawn stepped up and bought the team with a symbolic pound and turned it into a double-winning outfit before flipping it to Mercedes after just one season. While the budget was tight, the team took advantage of a loophole in the FIA regulations and gave the race car a ‘double diffuser’, creating massive downforce and propelling the team to both the 2009 Constructors’ Championship and the Drivers’ Championship with Button behind the wheel.

The documentary will feature brand new interviews of Ross Brawn and Jenson Button, plus never before seen Formula 1 archive footage, while actor Keanu Reeves will narrate the series.