Office With A View
Work & Co Nova mobile office

Work takes up roughy one-third of our day, five days a week for most people. The working  environment is as essential as our home and a pleasant office certainly helps improve the productivity. Work & Co has created a mobile office pod that allow a team of up to six to work with a view.

Nova is like a caravan, but instead of offering somewhere to sleep it is equipped with workstation, plus wifi, solar generated electricity, bathroom facilities, Smart TV, printer, coffee machine and fridge. Work & Co’s driver will pick up the guests, take them to the designated spot and stand by at your services throughout the day. Whether you prefer getting near to the nature for glazing over mountain or sea view as you work, or staying in downtown for being closer to your business partners is totally a choice of yours.

As much as we love the Nova pod, currently Work & Co. only offers the service within Cape Town in South Africa and we look forward to its expansion into our region.