Off-Road Buggy Concept
Honda Synergy by Darby Jean Barber

Resembling some future space rover design, Honda’s new off-road racing concept is designed to win in the world’s fiercest environments.

Named Honda Synergy, this electric buggy concept was conceived by Honda Advanced Design Studio intern Darby Jean Barber. It features dual electric motors and an extreme off-road design that salute Honda’s long history of racing and rugged off-road vehicles. Through this design, Darby demonstrates Honda’s ambition to continue pushing the limits of technology, reviving their engineering passion and raising Honda to a level where no automakers have gone before, as they once again lead the world into a new era of motor racing.

This space age buggy comes with a low profile glass dome and a unique top-mounted suspension. Combined with its aggressive stance, Honda Synergy may instantly remind you of the Japanese animation “Cyber Formula”, and represents a bold proposal for the future of Honda’s off-road racing.