Not Just A Ride
e-Palette Concept

In the near future, Toyota will not simply be an automobile manufacturer – it will also offer tailor-made mobility services to other companies in different industries. The e-Palette Alliance will leverage Toyota’s proprietary Mobility Services Platform (MSPF) and partner with Amazon, DiDi, Mazda, Pizza Hut and Uber. These companies will provide input on vehicle planning, application concepts and vehicle verification activities.

There will also be a physical car, the fully autonomous, battery-electric e-Palette Concept Vehicle, which comes in three sizes ranging from 4 metres to 7 metres long. The vehicle will feature open control interface for allowing partner companies to install their own automated driving system, while Toyota will act as a guardian to make sure the operation of the car is satisfactory. As there are different possibilities for the interior design, together with the open source system, the e-Palette car could serve various purposes in any single day, for example delivering parcels for Amazon during the day and food for Pizza Hut at night. The e-Palette could even designed to serve as a lab or a shop while the car is pounding the pavement.