Nostalgic Sound
TASCAM 424 Studio Master C-60 High Bias Type II Cobalt Cassette

When talking about the appreciation of analogue form of music, the conversation may naturally turn into vinyl records, yet the sound of cassette tapes is equally unique and appealing to many audiophiles. In the event of its 50th anniversary, professional audio product maker TASCAM will launch the 424 Studio Master C-60 High Bias Type II Cobalt Cassette as part of the celebration.

The limited edition cassette is designed to use with TASCAM’s Portastudio series cassette recorders. Developed in collaboration with National Audio Company, the world’s largest manufacturer of quality cassette tape, the 424 Studio Master C-60 cassette is built using modern technology to re-create the authentic retro sound. The shell is produced using traditional injection moulding and 3D printing based on the original TEAC shell then hand assembled. The signature mini gold reels from early 1980s of course cannot be missed. As for the tape itself, the formulation is different to the original due to material limitation with currently available magnetic oxides, but the recording bias and equalisation settings for the  tape are the closest one can get, and experienced Portastudios users will be able to ‘fine tune’ for the desired sound.