Nostalgia For The Future
Vision Mercedes Simplex 

Mercedes-Benz Design unveiled a special concept at Design Essentials 2019 that pays tribute to the beginning of the brand. The “Vision Mercedes Simplex” is a sculpture in wheels embodies the heritage and future of the Mercedes-Benz, referencing the very first car bearing the Mercedes name.

It all started in 1901, a time when cars were just high motorised carriages. At Race Week in Nice, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft showcased the Mercedes 35 PS, a high-performance model developed at the suggestion of Emil Jellinek and named after Jellinek’s daughter Mercedes. The way that a flat vehicle design with a light high-performance engine fitted low in the frame and a radiator integrated into the front was a novelty back then, and paved the way for modern vehicles.

Vision Mercedes Simplex is not just about the brand’s passion for innovation but also luxury. That’s why the sculpture’s white and black body (following the historic model) is paired with rose gold details including the radiator frame. The “Mercedes” lettering is now digitally displayed at the front, while the omission of windscreen continues the historic model’s sporty character. The futuristic concept features instrument panels inspired by motorcycles and nautical design, but only essential information applicable to the current driving situation will be displayed so that the driver can fully enjoy the pleasure of driving.