Next Generation EV
Gordon Murray Design iStream Chassis

Gordon Murray Design has showcased the latest version of iStream – the advanced vehicle design and manufacturing process that reduces cost, complexity, and carbon production, while also optimizing the performance, range, and efficiency of future electric vehicles.

The iStream technology was demonstrated on the all-electric and autonomous-ready Motiv Quadricycle unveiled at the 2021 Cenex-LCV show in Millbrook, U.K., but the innovative system can be applied to a wide range of vehicles with different types of powertrain, from electric quadricycles, mid-engined sportscars, to petrol-powered luxury SUVs, and even light commercial vehicles. When applied to a typical family car, the iStream system can reduce its overall weight by over 20% and the number of body panel components by over 50%, with boosted rigidity leading to optimised safety, refinement, chassis dynamics, and durability.

The Motiv Quadricycle measures just 2,537mm long, 1,310mm wide, and 1,628mm high, and has an upward swinging door. While it’s officially classed as a quadricycle, it’s in compliance with crash regulations for mainstream passenger cars, and equipped with features such as anti-lock brakes, climate control, and a large-screen infotainment system.

Gordon Murray Design also displayed the iStream eQuadricycle Rolling Chassis at the event. Designed for a vehicle similar to the Motiv, the bonded metal-composite platform is just 2.5 metres long, weighs less than 400 kg and has a range of 225 miles. Charging of the platform is quick, as the battery can go from 10% to 80% in just 40 minutes.