New Way of Drink Making
Cana One Molecular Beverage Printer

As we have been spending more time at home in recent two years, we are paying more attention on how we can take the essence of what we love to do outside and try to re-create similar experience at home. The new project from American startup Cana just fits our recent daily life perfectly. The company just announced Cana One, the world’s first molecular beverage printer that equips any ordinary household with over 1,000 personalised cold beverage options at affordable costs.

Cana says the beverages “printed” by One ranges from juice, soft drinks, iced coffee, hard seltzers, wine to sophisticated cocktails.While it might sound like a home version of Freestyle soft drink machine of some sort, Cana One is in fact much more complex and smart than that. Instead of using different pods for containing elements of different drinks, just one single ingredients cartridge is needed to create different drinks, as the team behind the project has isolated molecules that drive flavour and aroma to recreate thousands of drinks. The ingredients cartridge works together with the sugar and spirits cartridges and carbonation cylinder and water tank to do the magic, and each drink can be customised on the touchscreen or via the app on levels of sweetness, tartness, alcohol percentage and so on.

Cana One is expected to launch in the US market in 2023 and can be reserved now. The machine itself costs just US$499 for the first 10,000 customers, while cartridges will be delivered to customer and replenished for free. Cana only charges according to the drinks you make, similar to a printing subscription service. Prices for beverages start from US$0.29 for sparkling waters to US$2.99 for craft cocktails, which sound cheaper than average. Other than saving costs, another advantage of Cana One of course is the minimising of plastic, aluminum and glass containers.