New Shape, Same Faith
Locri Parish Church by Francesco Lipari

We have a certain perception towards churches – traditional looking, beautiful yet solemn. For Francesco Lipari of OFL architecture’s vision, the church doesn’t have to look a certain way and could form a natural cohesiveness to its physical location.

OLF Architecture has teamed up with Arup for the new parish church of the Locri concept located in Southern Italy, sees it as the result of a natural dialogue with its historical, cultural and social context. The project entered into a competition and was the runner-up winner. From afar people can see the seven joined peaks that define the exterior of the church. It features a unique façade cladding supported by steel arch and pillars for the roof canopy, while the top of the tallest peak is crowned with a cross.

For the interior, the roof is finished in light coloured wood for best acoustic as well as giving it a warm atmosphere. The seating is arranged in a circular shape, making the place slightly more casual and welcoming for both pastoral and recreational activities of the parish church, yet without losing its unique status and purposes.