New Personalised Sound
Sennheiser Smart Control App

The listening experience that headphones or earphones provide can be very personal. While there are certain criteria in defining the quality of sound transmitted — such as offering crisp, true reproduction of recorded vocals and instruments, or the ability to reproduce a live performance recording as if you were listening to it in person, everyone has different sound preferences, and these can be extremely specific. While the ability to finely tune sound reproduction has been available for a long time, it was never what you’d call easily accessible for the average listener that wasn’t a rabid audiophile. That’s now changed, thanks to Sennheiser’s Smart Control App and firmware updates.

The latest Smart Control App, which can be used with Momentum True Wireless 3 earphones and Momentum 4 Wireless headphones, gives users the ability to create unique and enjoyable sound reproduction. The interactive Sound Personalisation mode has been developed using results from over a decade’s worth of research from the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology in Germany. Based on users’ reactions towards benchmark sound samples, Sound Personalisation is able to analyse and intelligently calibrate a custom audio profile with advanced audio processing algorithms, the user can then further refine their profile and save it for future use.

The app now offers five-band EQ settings, with Low-mid and High-Mid sliders added to Low, Mid, and High controls.

Momentum True Wireless 3 earbuds wearers can also make use of the Smart Control App to get the perfect fit for their earbuds, something that is truly useful as getting this right is essential for properly immersive sound and active noise cancelling. The suggestions are tailored for each ear, and include earbud placement and best ear adapter size.

The latest firmware updates also feature further optimisations. For example, the Momentum 4 Wireless headphones now support up to 24-bit depth and 96 kHz sample rate over a Bluetooth connection, while via aptX Adaptive mode, the Bluetooth bitrate is increased to up to 420 kilobits per second, which is comparable to wired-level sound quality.