New Muscular Style
Honda Super Cub 'K-Storm' By K-Speed

How does one transform the world’s most produced motorcycle? Thailand based tuner K-Speed has offered a pretty cool answer to that question with its latest creation – the Honda Super Cub ‘K-Storm’. Over one million examples of Honda’s Super Cub have been sold since its debut in 1958, but K-Speed’s cafe-racer inspired rendition shows that you can build something slightly more aggressive out of this mass-market commuter. 

With no mechanical changes, K-Speed collaborated with Storm Aeropart in beefing up the appearance of the ride. Plenty of bodywork was done to give the bike a redesigned front section, trimmed rear end and a pair of side panels. The oversized 17” wheels features glossy carbon covers instead of the usual metal spokes. Other upgrades include telescopic front forks, a Diablo exhaust and a custom premium leather saddle with other carbon accents. The bronze and black colour scheme works well with the new muscular shape too, giving a complete fresh look to this highly iconic motorcycle.