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Ferrari to announce new supercar on 17 September

It looks like Ferrari is set to launch a new, mystery model next month. According to Ferrari official website, an event named “F176 World Première – Icona Ferrari” is going to take place on 17 September, yet the event detail is password protected, while an image with just the words “Icona Ferrari” and a vague outline of a car’s profile view. 

Since there is no further official information so far, we can only bring you bits and pieces found in various forums. Codename F176 is said to be a new derivative of 812 Superfast and potentially named 812 Monza. It is also mentioned that only 200 examples will be produced. Judging from the profile sketch, it could well be a 812 derivative that does not has a roof, and has a very low or even no windscreen. It’s about five weeks until 17 September and hopefully more will be revealed prior to the date.