New EV On The Scene
Alpha Ace

Thanks to the rise of the EV, more and more startups are joining the fray within the automotive industry. Californian new comer Alpha Motor Corporation just launched the prototype of their upcoming Ace coupe, and it’s a stunning combination of retro and futuristic design.

With a 1960s vibe referencing some of the classic European models of the era, Alpha Ace is a compact coupe with box proportions and a streamlined, curvy roof. Measuring 4,180mm in length, 1886mm in width, and 1450mm in height, it features two comfortable front seats for the driver and passenger, and compact rear storage at the back. Specifications of the motor and battery pack haven’t been announced aside from the fact that they will be part of a rear-wheel-drive set up. Alpha does mention a battery range of over 250 miles, while acceleration from 0-60 mph will take 6 seconds. Not the highest performance set up compared with its peers, but more than sufficient for daily driving.

The prototype is painted in striking Blue Seraph silver paint with a fancy metallic finish. The flared wheel arches are definitely one of the highlights of the exterior, and are paired with retro rollers. LED signature headlights adorn the front of Alpha Ace, and a long strip of braking lights can be found at the back. The interior continues with the boxy and minimalistic feel, and the clean layout offers ample of space for a comfortable ride inside such a compact design.