New Aero Boost
Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo

Ferrari unveiled the Evo version of the 488 Challenge at this year’s Ferrari Finali Mondiali event in Mugello, Italy in addition to the 488 GT3 Evo.

The 488 Challenge Evo is the company’s latest customer race car, and this upgrade aims to maximise the synergy between aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics, meaning the interaction between tyres, the balance of downforce and electronic controls. The improvement in figures is pretty impressive, with the new car having 30% more aerodynamic efficiency and 50% more overall downforce than the current 488 Challenge. To achieve such results the Ferrari has lengthened the front overhang and the profiles of the radiator grille intakes. The bumper now has U-shaped intakes at the centre, with an additional flick on its sides and a large splitter with turning vanes underneath the bumper. The rear has referenced FXX-K, with a new air vent in the engine air outlet grille and a new rear wing to boost the downforce.

For the first time in Ferrari’s one-make series, the driver can modify front downforce independently of the rear. To further enhance the performance and the driving experience there are new Pirelli tyres, new electronic differential, traction control system, steering wheel and a new rear camera. Like the 488 GT3 Evo, these upgrades can be retrofitted on existing 488 Challenge.


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