Near 2,000 hp EV
Lotus Evija

British automaker Lotus has unveiled its much anticipated first all-electric debut, and the new Evija turns out to be the world’s most powerful series production road car with a stunning 1,973 hp of power.

The styling of Evija has moved away from the Lotus heritage as it is clean, contemporary but still highlighted with aerodynamic features. Huge front intakes, a bi-plane front splitter, muscular fenders and laser headlights are gracing the front, while the massive rear diffuser and special LED taillights also define the new silhouette of this latest model. The carbon fibre bodywork is completed with active aerodynamics including the active rear spoiler and a F1-style Drag Reduction System. Rear mirrors are replaced by cameras, and the door handles are absence as the doors are operated electrically.

Evija is the first Lotus featuring a carbon fibre monocoque chassis. The single piece design weighs  just 129 kg, and the hypercar weighs just 1,680 kg in total. Thanks to the near 2,000 hp power generated by the four motors, the hypercar shoots from 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds and has a top speed of 320 km/h. It’s powered by lithium ion mid-mounted battery that has a 400 km range. Under the current standard 350 kW. charger the battery can be 80% charged in 12 minutes and fully charged in 18 minutes. When 800 kW charging points are available in the market it will only take nine minutes for a full charge. Production of Evija will commence next year with only 130 examples to be built.