Naturally Oxidised
Samotracia by Mario Trimarchi

For most durable goods made of metal, some sort of protective coating is usually applied on the surface so that the metal will keep a stainless finish. For Italian industrial designer Mario Trimarchi, he created a concept motorcycle for metal finisher and furniture maker De Castelli that naturally oxidises.

Samotracia is the first motorcycle with bodywork entirely made of copper, and the material is  purposely left naked to so that it will be aligned with time of the city and transform with its surroundings, eternally staying fresh and contemporary. It is expected the shiny copper will be completed oxidised and turn to green in a century’s time. The shape of Samotracia is a reflection on the aesthetics of movement. Instead of the typical aerodynamic curves, Trimarchi opted for a fairing that conceals all the mechanical parts. The design follows the forms of the body on the bike and has a Cubist style to it. The fairing is segmented as if it were the result of a sequence of photo frames, creating a visual interpretation of speed.