Natural Misfits
"A Tree Grows In..." by Sinziana Velicescu

Most people would agree that adding trees and vegetation to the city not only reduce pollution and the effect of heat islands but also improve the appearance of the area too. While letting trees grow organically to form their natural beauty may be the easy route, shaping them into specially created topiaries is definitely a form of art. In her series A Tree Grows In…, Los Angeles-based photographer Sinziana Velicescu captures unique trees that may look slightly out of place of their background.

Many of these trees are planted intentionally to beautify the low-rise premises, if not slightly peculiar. “There is a disturbing quality to the photographs though, as if the plants are asking for help or to be moved from their locations,” explained Velicescu. The door-flanking tree in one of the images are double the height of the building, while a series of low shrubs in another are shaped to mirror the air-conditioning system located at the rooftop. Some of them are more natural, such as the green monster-looking dense bush next to an abandoned house, and the commonly seen mushroom shaped topiaries.