Moving Origami
The Sokudo Tesla Electric Motorcycle Concept

With electric cars taking an ever-increasing role in the development of the automotive market, the demand for electric motorcycles has also seen a big jump. Unlike a car, though, the nature of a motorcycle offers less room for creative freedom, meaning it’s much harder for a new e-motorbike to actually wow the public. San Diego-based vehicle designer Ash Thorp and his collaborator Carlos “Colorsponge” have come up with a rendering concept that doesn’t just look great, but also has the potential to be realised as a running prototype in the future.

The Sokudo is the 14th project under the pair’s collaborative M.H.C. Collection. Underneath the sleek and angular carbon fibre body is a custom-designed extruded aluminium chassis that houses the electric motor and battery pack. With futuristic technology in mind, the concept was designed to have multiple settings in regards to suspension positions when it’s on the move and parked, as well as an outer shell that can fold and form like moving origami according to the rider and riding conditions.

As a Tesla owner and driver, Thorp wholeheartedly believes in the future of electric vehicles, hence he decided to have the concept branded as Tesla. It’s unsure how far away it is until we see something similar to the Sokudo hitting the road, but more stunning concepts from the M.H.C. Collection should be on the way to keep us inspired in the meantime.