Moving At Ease
Yamaha Tritown

Yamaha is working towards putting a concept best described as a three-wheeled Segway into production.

First unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017, Tritown has two wheels at the front, one wheel at the back with a built-in electric motor, and the footboard in the middle. Controlling Tritown is intuitive and similar to riding a scooter while standing because of Yamaha’s proprietary Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology. To turn, user just turns handlebars and lean the Tritown to steer like riding a motorbike. The front wheels, handlebars and footboards are all linked and lean at the same time for making smooth and steady turns.

Weighing around 40 kg and with dimensions of 1140 × 620 × 1140 mm, Tritown can run for 30 km after around two hours of charging and has a top speed of 25 km/h. Yamaha completed two round of public testing in recent months in Japan, with people aged 16 to 70 year-old happily riding on Tritown after less than 15 minutes of briefing and practice. Judging by the positive feedback, it won’t be long before we see  Tritown hit the store.