Most Compact Instant Camera
Polaroid Go

Polaroid has just launched the latest and the tiniest member of its instant camera family, the new Polaroid Go. The Go works just like other analogue instant cameras, and follows the brand’s signature traits in terms of appearance and functionality, but, as the name suggests, it’s much smaller in size and very much portable.

At just 83.9 mm long, 10.5 mm wide, and 61.5 mm high, the Polaroid Go is the smallest instant camera in the world. Designed as a new partner in creativity by allowing the user to snap on the go, it’s packed with just the right features for the digital generation, including a reflective selfie mirror on the front body panel that works great with a self-timer. Other functions include built-in dynamic flash, double exposure, plus prolonged battery life that can shoot up to 240 photos.

Poloroid has also launched brand new colour instant film stock, dedicated for use with the Polaroid Go camera. These come in a package of 16 photos, each being just about the size of a business card with a 47 mm x 46 mm image area.