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Helinox x Ramidus camping collection

Ramidus (formerly Head Porter) has always been the go-to brand if you’re looking for sleek and lightweight luggage with thoughtfully designed compartments. The no-frills attitude can be found in outdoor gear maker Helinox too, which is also known for creating quality compact items using lightweight materials and the latest technology. This perhaps explains why the collaboration between these two brands feels so natural.

The Helinox x Ramidus camping furniture collection can be found on the Ramidus online store and at selected branches in Japan. It consists of four items: a convertible cot, a foldable table, a swivel chair with a rotating seat, and a mini chair. All pieces are based on existing Helinox models that have a proven track record, and are enhanced with “Sasamachi” (side gusset) mesh pockets that are frequently found on Ramidus bags for extra practicality. Each furniture piece has a storage bag attached to the main body so that it can be easily and neatly folded up and put away when not in use.

In addition to the four collaborative camping furniture pieces, Ramidus has created a rucksack and a large tote bag for carrying the camping gear, using the same look and feel as the Helinox x Ramidus collection. The rucksack is designed to dock a chair at the bottom with the strap, while the tote bag’s capacity is sufficient for carrying two full sets (i.e. eight pieces) of camping furniture, making these lightweight bags equally convenient and essential for a perfect camping trip.