More Than A Gas Station
The Gazoline Stand

A brand new gas station has recently opened in the 7th arrondissement in Paris. Unlike most stations in the world, fuelling up vehicles isn’t the sole purpose here. “The Gazoline Stand” is the brainchild of Ramdane Touhami — co-owner of french beauty brand Officine Universelle Buly. And just like Buly, the new outpost is unique and sophisticated, with just a touch of eccentricity and fun.

In addition to serving as a petrol and LPG filling station, The Gazoline Stand is also part coffee stand and part select store. It offers takeaway beverages and light bites such as sandwiches and crepes, and is the home of “The International Soda Club” where customers can find the best sodas in the world. The exceptional selection of soft drinks, sodas, and colas has been sampled and hand-picked by Ramdane Touhami himself. For example, the Iyoshi Craft Cola from Tokyo is made with real kola nuts based on an original 100-year-old recipe, combining 15 spices, citrus fruits, and the optimal ratio of carbonated water to create a magical elixir.

Other than food and drinks, the shop also stocks different kinds of cool items sourced from different parts of the world, including Japanese vinyl stickers and much more on an ever-changing list of interesting items.