Monocle × Rimowa Multiwheel
An essential for highly mobile people.

Covering matters such as international affairs, business and trade, culture and design, the monthly publication Monocle founded their store just a year after the media’s establishment, selling products they have created in collaboration with other units, which has built itself into a constantly changing pluralistic community. With a concise layout style and a critical news report attitude, they have always delivered with a worldly view, flaunting themselves into a lifestyle rather than just being ideas on paper.

Founder Tyler Brûlé once said that the majority of readers of Monocle are highly mobile people who regularly travels for work, and what he does is to digest and offer these readers with a concise image of the different local cultures.

So, a high quality suitcase is obviously an essential for them. In hands with the German classic luggage brand Rimowa, they have released the limited edition “Multiwheel” which uses the Salsa series as their prototype, offering a lightweight case that is made with polycarbonate. The matte gold wheels are matched with a body of army green and tagged with a leather made luggage case tag that was designed just for the occasion. With two sizes to choose from, both the big and the small sizes are great for short and long trips.

HK$5,000(Large); HK$4,500(Small)

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