Modifiable Helmet
Qwart Phoenix

Qwart Lab from France, at a glance, offers helmets with a neo-retro undertone. Upon closer examination though, it’s clear that the Phoenix helmets have more to offer than just looks. Featuring a modular design, each helmet offers a high level of customisation.

Qwart also makes sure the protection Phoenix provides is as good as its appearance. Japan-made grade 8 carbon fibre is used for the shell and it is lined with a double density EPS impact absorbing liner for the best absorption and resistance capacities. The inlets and outlets in the EPS liner via air channels optimise air flow and cool the interior. Dismantling and replacing the pieces on the helmet is simple thanks to its screw-by-screw assembly. Parts can be ordered separately at a later stage, meaning the owner is able to modify bits and pieces throughout the lifetime of the helmet. There are plenty of colours and finishes that suit the taste of almost everyone.