Modernised Le Mans Racer
1984 Moto Guzzi by Kaffeemaschine

With the recent expansion from a one man band to a company of three, Kaffeemaschine founded by Axel Budde has a reputation of updating classic Moto Guzzi cafe racers with modern techs and style. The latest from the workshop is no different.

Starting with a 1984 850 Le Mans Mark III being modified and torn down to its bare parts, the engine was rebuilt with a boosted capacity of 1000 cc and Kaffeemaschine’s in-hose camshaft, exhaust and more. The transmission and rear drive have been revised as well, and the bike now have 85 to 90 hp with a dry weight of just 170 kg supported by electronic ignition and keyless-start-system.

All new alloy components were built, grinded and galvanised by the team. The frame and the hardware take a step back in light grey and black, including the 18-inch alloy wheels and Bridgeston Battlax BT45 tyres. The bodywork is newly crafted with a clean look, and is paired with the light and strong Kevlar aramid fibre fairing, but the most eye-catching element is easily the lime green shade. For those with sharp eyes, they might even recognise this is from a vintage Lamborghini paint, which also  glows in the dark.